The New
San Diego

AMP&RSAND is a historic location reimagined for the demands of the modern workforce. Offering large, agile spaces to accommodate a company’s growth, it will entice and retain talented employees with amenities that go beyond the nine-to-five workdays of the past. Beautiful & Thoughtful. Modern & Authentic. Creative & Civilized. This is AMP&RSAND, the future of the San Diego workplace.

Fresh Air.
Fresher Ideas.

AMP&RSAND takes full advantage of San Diego’s incredible 360 days of sunshine per year, with an abundance of inspiring outdoor workspaces and meeting places. And the interior is just as progressive. An industrial-loft-style feel of exposed brick, concrete pillars and oversize windows will be a draw for talent and an advantage for forward-thinking companies. AMP&RSAND is designed for the way people work today.

Natural & Industrial

Press Courtyard

The former home of the San Diego Tribune’s printing press, this 12,000-square-foot location is now an open-air atrium with seamless, sliding glass doors that take full advantage of San Diego’s perfect weather.

Rest & Relaxation

The Treehouse

Under the expansive Ficus canopy, the Tree House provides a unique opportunity for rest and relaxation.  The space is filled with flexible lounge furniture to encourage an early morning meditation, mid-day yoga refresh, or coffee and conversation with your co-workers. 

Gatherings & Expressions


Gatherings & Expressions. A scenic space that serves as an outdoor multifunction gathering area. It’s where a company function becomes an employee experience.

Historic & Innovative

The Dock

Once used for unloading ink and paper, these former loading docks have been repurposed to create an outdoor gathering space. Permanent meeting tables and glass marker boards transform the docks into platforms for creativity.

Community & Connection

The Walkway

A hub of activity. A link between two buildings. Central to everything, the park provides play areas, a fire pit, stepped seating and private gathering spaces, and serves as a direct link to the San Diego River.

Perspectives & Productivity

The Balconies

Designed to inspire new perspectives, and bring productivity to new heights, the balconies at AMP&RSAND can be found throughout both buildings overlooking the Dock, the Press Courtyard and the Walkway.

Attracting best-in-class talent.

09Active Patios
64SF of Outdoor Space
05 SF of Fitness Studio

An Everlasting Impression.

As the former site of the San Diego Union Tribune, AMP&RSAND continues its legacy of sharing knowledge. The printing press was the first form of technology to spread ideas while creating a platform for a more connected world. When the Union Tribune stopped it’s presses here in 2015, it made one final impression with the last (and most beautiful) character of the traditional alphabet—the ampersand. An ampersand stands as a catalyst for evolving ideas. Its final impression was not to mark the end of an era, but to signify that the best is yet to come.